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Eastern Palace By Sam Wilde - The Japanese word fuubutsushi, marks the anticipation we feel for the changing seasons. It's the understanding that each precious moment in our lives is fleeting, and each of these changes will bring with them, a new season. With a passion for the natural history and cultural heritage of Japan, Sam's artwork chronologies the country's four main islands, subsequently represented by the four seasons. Each island houses ancient shinto shrines, temples and monuments, beside which sits a rich tapestry of endemic seasonal flora and topiary. Lastly, beneath the islands lay sleeping giant kami, represented by the animals only found in Japan, the elusive giant catfish, giant salamander, samurai crab and stone turtle.

Product details

  • Size: 1.39m W x 0.88m L
  • Vertical pattern repeat: 117.4cm
  • Pattern match: Straight
  • Material: 55% Polyester 43% Viscose 2% Cotton (Non-Woven backing)

Care info

  • Paste the wall
  • Moderate colourfastness
  • Spongeable
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