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Bartoline Wallpaper Paste 95g

Bartoline Wallpaper Paste 95g


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Bartoline Wallpaper Paste 95g, a UK-made all-purpose adhesive / paste, is suitable for 1.5-5 rolls of wallpaper, depending on the type. It can also be mixed as a wallpaper size or sealer according to instructions on the packet.



Glue Mix Rates

Quantity of Water

Per Packet



Normal Wallpapers inc wood chip 3.4L


Vinyl Wall Covering inc Blown Vinyl 2.8 L

4 Rolls

Embossed Wallpaper inc Anaglypta 2.3L 2-2.5L
Super Heavy Embossed Wallpaper 2L 1.75-2Rolls
Paste the Wall Wallpapers 2.3L 1.5-3 rolls
When Mixing as a Size 4.5L 24met Sq



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