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Transforming a Bathroom or Powder room with wallpaper

Amazing Bathroom & Powder room Transformations

 Wallpaper Brokers see many Bathrooms, Toilets & Powder rooms come to life with wallpaper.  The first question our customers ask is "Can we put wallpapers in wet area?"

The Answer in short is Yes!!!

Please follow a few simple guidelines to make sure your wallpaper stays in the same fantastic condition in 10 years time as the day you chose it.

  •  Firstly Is your wall Covering Vinyl or Vinyl coated ( This will ensure the surface is washable hence is perfect for wet & humid conditions such as a bathroom)
  • secondly if not is the area to be covered likely to get wet or be subject to steamy conditions? If so please speak to us regards suitability for your space.
  • Is any water likely to sit against the wallpaper for any length of time? (eg wallpaper goes down to the vanity or bath?)  there are ways of putting wallpapers in this space but please contact us for advice on how to best execute this space.
  • Dose your wallpaper have any special or delicate features? ( for example is it Flocked, Beaded or Embroidered) if so please contact us for advice on the specifics of the wallpaper and your space).

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