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International Wallpaper Week

International Wallpaper Week

Oct 3 - 9 2018

Yes There is a week for Wallpaper!

Have yourself a Wallpaper Party 

A week to reflect on our Walls and explore the 1000's of Decorating possibilities 

For Australia its Spring its the period before Christmas where people decorate their homes & Offices in perpetration for Christmas and our long summer break.  

@WallpaperBrokers we have have many new Ranges arrive into store with the change of the international fashion seasons.  

This year its been wonderful to see many of our customers become more adventurous with a move away from dull & uninteresting designs to Rich colours and Bold patterns. 

Here are some small clips from some of our suppliers amazing new ranges that will see us through 2019 and into the future.

Here we see a creative Mountain range in whites Blues & Indigo's

Copper Metallic effect with wallpaper  


Bold & Colourful Geometrics

Geometric Wallpaper

Geometric Wallpaper Design with Shimmering Detail

Shimmering Detail Geometric Wallpaper

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