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The Decoration Conversation.

This History and revival of decorated ceilings and usage of wallpapers and other decorative finishes.


Decoration Conversation - Speaking of Ceilings

Is the Decorating Conversation of Decorating the Ceiling new?
There is evidence of wallpapering techniques dating to as early as the 1700's.
Fast forward to the 19th Century. Designs produced imitated plaster work or large ceiling paintings. such as those in the homes & churches of the wealthy usually featuring images of angles, gods or lords.  Borders were often placed around these centerpieces to finish off the design. In 1888 the Sydney Town Hall became the first ornamental metal ceiling in Australia. Hence the notion of a decorated ceiling was re-born.

Pressed Tin Ceiling QLD

Tin ceiling in a private music room, Queensland, Australia, 1906

In the 1930's the popularity of these ceilings were in decline. Due to WWII as metal became scarce and expensive. This led to Anaglypta & Lincrusta to become a popular more affordable option. The extra benefit that people can apply themselves. Making it perfect for DIY home renovations. The Same Products are still available today, and are  popular in traditional and Modern renovations

 Anaglypta Wallpaper on Ceiling Howard Tin


Fast forward to 2018. There has been an explosion of decorating shows using various wallpapers & decorative finishes on Ceilings
Pinterest has reported over a 300% increase of people searching for ceiling decor. 
So weather you want some texture, colour there is an option for every area.
Add in the prospect of custom printing and the Sky is the limit.

Faux Tile Ceiling WallpaperHouse Rules 2018 Ceiling


      Ornate Victorian Ceiling

Murray River Boat Wallpaper Mural on Ceiling





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