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Wishing all the Contestants & the Winners of Toad & Mandy of House Rules 2018 all the best. Showing of a collections of Wall coverings Wallpaper Brokers Proudly supplied to the 2018 House Rules Series.

Congratulations Toad & Mandy House Rules 2018

As the House Rules season for 2018  we congratulate the winners Toad & Mandy along with all the contestants on so many wonderful renovations this year.

Here are just some of the amazing rooms you all put together featuring Beautiful wall coverings as Supplied by us Wallpaper Brokers.

Farmhouse eleganceGlitzy Geometric MaynemPlaying with Shapes Wallpaper

Being Imaginitive with wall muralsBe Bold with Charcoal TimberUsing timber in new waysAdding 3D Shapes & TextureAdding Faux Leathers & skin to wallpaper the Bar

Faux Marble Wallpaper Glam Entrance WayDecorating with Rose GoldWow Feather Palm Black & White

Geometric GlitterTextured TealRose Gold Lattice

Koa's Bedroom Floral Custom printed Wallpaper

Whilst there are so so many memories you have left us with it was wonderful to share the journey with you.

We wish all the contestants the best of luck for the future and we hope to be able to help you again one day.



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