Zinsser Shieldz Universal Wallcovering Primer 946ml


Zinsser Shieldz Universal Wallcovering Primer 946ml

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Create the perfect surface for hanging wallpaper with Zinsser Shieldz Universal Wallcovering Primer-Sealer. This high-performance formula hides, primes, seals, and sizes in one coat.

  • Assures easy removal
  • Mildew-resistant - Formulated w/ Zinsser's exclusive "Mould & Mildew Shield™*
  • Prepares ALL Surfaces for hanging ALL wallcoverings
  • White, tintable, low odour, water cleanup

Coverage: Approximately 100-137 sq. ft. (9.3-12.7 sq. meter) per quart (946 ml)

Can be tinted to medium tone colors to match the background color of the wallcovering to hide seams and gaps. Maximum 1 oz. (29 ml) universal colorant per quart.