Roman Pro-880 Adhesive, Paste, Glue 3.78L


Roman Pro-880 Adhesive, Paste, Glue 3.78L

  • Category: Wallpaper Paste & Size

Roman Pro-880 Ultra Clear Strippable Wallcovering  wallpaper paste / glue/ adhesive  3.78L

PRO-880 is a premium clear adhesive with excellent wet-tack, extended open-time and unsurpassed ease of clean-up. Undiluted PRO-880 will hang type II and type III wallcoverings, yet it can also be diluted for use with lightweight and pre-pasted wall coverings.  Dilute to make Wall size / Sealer

It promotes strippability of fabric-backed wallcoverings over new bare drywall. PRO-880 applies easily with a roller or pasting machine.

Recommended Use Hanging most types and weights of wallpaper.

Key Features

  • Maximum wet tack
  • Extended open time
  • Strippable when used with fabric-backed vinyl over bare drywall (once fully dried)
  • Unsurpassed ease of clean-up
  • Spreads and flows easily
  • Zero VOC (≤ 5 grams per litre) 

Coverage: Officially  Approximately 330  square feet (aprox 100 meters Sq) per gallon

Translates to aprox 20-25 meters Sq per 1 litre 

Please see manufactures data sheets for more information