Tropical Scene Shots

Custom Mural

Tropical Scene Shots

  • Category: Botanical Trees & Leaf Designs, Custom Murals, Mural, Photographic & Artistic Murals, Seamless Wall Murals

Snips / Shots of various tropical inspired images made into a collage wall mural.

This unique wall covering printed as a mural 

May be printed on various material options

Std Non-Woven Material

- Paste the wall Non woven material

- Comes in floor to ceiling lengths of approx 1.05 met wide each panel

- Price of this product is $60 per meter Sq

Seamless Wall Fabric

- Easy paste the wall application

- Recommended size is 280H x 315w  comes as 1 complete piece with no joins.

- Priced at $120 per Sq Meter of a (maximum height of 2.9 meters )

 - Strippable

- Can Be Scrubbed ( Very washable) 

- Good Colour Fastness